The misfit dogs: Pepper, Chili & Buddy

  Our other "children"

It is with great sorrow that we announce that all three of our beloved dogs were euthanized due to various reasons over the past few months.  They are still loved and dearly missed.

Chicken ChiliIn August of 1995, we found Chili on NO's parent's front porch. He was a run-away or dumped puppy. It was obvious that he had been severely abused. So, we decided to bring him home. While still somewhat "scared" of other people, he is beginning to come out of his shell- so to speak.

Queen Pepper Pepper is a "Wal-Mart" dog that MO got for me on my birthday in 1995. She was to keep me company while I recovered from a back injury. Unlike Chili, Pepper has no fear of anyone. In fact, she'll lick anyone that gets close enough. Pepper, as you can see, loves to eat.

Buddy Gator Buddy was left at MO's place of employment in 2002.  He was tied to a tree with a box of treats and a note saying his owners loved him, but could no longer care for him.  You can bet he's sure being taken care of now!